Welcome to the City of Greater Sudbury

This is indeed a wonderful place to call home – read on and you'll see just why so many people are proud to live in this community. Visit Our Roots Our Future, Sudbury's immigration story to view testimonials of Newcomers relocating to the City of Greater Sudbury.

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Living in Greater Sudbury

Surrounded by the Boreal Forest, Greater Sudbury contains 330 freshwater lakes within its municipal boundaries and has more lakes than any other municipality in Canada. It has pristine forests and woodlands and many provincial parks are within short driving distance.

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Working in Greater Sudbury

Whether you are coming to Greater Sudbury for temporary employment or are planning to immigrate to the city for permanent employment, you should learn about working in Canada, the labour market, and the steps you must take to be eligible to work in Canada.

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Doing Business in Greater Sudbury

In our increasingly diverse community, we welcome international business. We are creating an inclusive community and fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the city's residents and its businesses and organizations.

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Education in Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury has become the education capital of Northern Ontario largely because of its post secondary institutions. Greater Sudbury is home to two Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, one University and a Medical School.

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