Our Economy

Since the discovery of rich mineral deposits in the late 1800s, the economy in the Greater Sudbury area has followed closely the boom and bust cycles of the mining industry. But over the years, our local economy has significantly diversified and is now a service hub for the Northeastern region of Ontario. We have proven ourselves to be a leader and centre of excellence for mining, healthcare, tourism, technology, retail, education and government. To learn more about our local economy and labour markets, please visit the market profile and the labour and employment sections.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

On Tuesday September 13, 2005, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) was officially opened in the City of Greater Sudbury and was the first medical school to open in Canada in over 30 years. NOSM encourages individuals to study and practice in the North and with a physician recruitment strategy in place, this makes the transition for new doctors to stay in Sudbury easier. Students at the NOSM have the opportunity to learn in regional hospitals, health services, and family practices in both rural and urban settings. Visit the NOSM website for more information on the medical school and Greater Sudbury Health Professional Recruitment to learn more about the City's physician recruitment strategy.