Growth in Research


Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation

The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), located in Sudbury, Ontario, is continuing its research and development efforts to facilitate the delivery of step-change research initiatives which are deemed critically important to the mining industry. It strives to establish excellence in strategic areas of research: deep mining, mineral exploration, integrated mine engineering, environmental and sustainability.

Industry focused or driven strategic research and development projects now constitute the primary focus for CEMI. These projects embrace topics identified by industry as having top priority for further research and are consistent with CEMI's strategic objective to become a global leader in specific research niches.

Strategic Research Pograms:

  • FindMine – Mineral Exploration Research and Geophysics
  • GeoRisk - Risk Mitigation for Mining Highly Stressed Ore Bodies at Depth
  • ValueMine - Mine Design to Extract Optimal Mining Value
  • ConstructMine - Underground Mine Construction
  • SustainMine – Environmental Studies and Sustainability
  • MineDeep – Cost Reduction and Productivity Enhancement
  • MineTech – Enabling Technologies Supporting R&D