Living Arrangements


Whether you plan to rent or buy in the City of Greater Sudbury, there are housing options to fit every budget and lifestyle.


Housing - Greater Sudbury (City)
Greater Sudbury Census Metropolitan Area
Occupied Private Dwellings 70,040
Owned 47,781
Rented 23,223
Total Population 160,770
Average number per household 2.43

This report is based on the data product "Super Demographics 2012"


 Average Household Expenditures
Census Metropolitan Area
Canada Ontario

Greater Sudbury

Food $8,033 $8,010 $8,283
Shelter $14,898 $16,573 $13,656
Clothing $2,994 $3,350 $3,343
Transportation $10,692 $11,050 $11,874
Health & Personal Care $3,527 $3,321 $3,467
Recreation, Reading & Education $5,515 $5,746 $5,738
Total Expenditures $74,655 $78,845 $72,604

Source: Manifold Data Mining Inc. 2013

Average Housing Price
Community 2012
Sudbury $241,161
Ottawa $352,610
Kingston $270,275
Toronto $498,973
Hamilton $360,059
London $241,160
St. Catharines-Niagara $232,050
Windsor $172,047

Source: Housing Market Outlook - Canada Edition - Date Released: First Quarter 2013

Follow the links on the right to find everything you need to make living arrangements in Greater Sudbury. Whether you are planning to buy or rent, click away to find all of the information you need!


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