Greater Sudbury's housing market is booming as people from around the world have discovered the attractive lifestyle that the City has to offer. Whether you are looking for a home close to shops, theatres and grocery stores, or a home out in the country or beside a lake, there are many options available to new homeowners.

And best of all, our average housing prices are among the lowest in the province!

Visit our Helpful Resources for Homebuyers page or follow the links below to find out more about owning a home in Greater Sudbury.

Housing Information

The Ontario Real Estate Association encompasses 42 real estate boards across the province and represents 45,000 brokers and salespeople who are members of the boards.

The Sudbury Real Estate Board has many trained officials who can help you purchase your first home as they will be able to assist you with all the important information pertaining to the new governmental changes, current trends in the housing market, and the different difficulties affecting the real estate industry.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allows future homebuyers to search for residential, commercial, and international properties. While searching to purchase a new home, you can search by price range, building type, style, number of storeys and preferred views.

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