Renting a home or an apartment is a convenient way of living for many individuals and families. It can give you the flexibility to move more easily and, in many cases, more financial freedom from expenses such as repairs and maintenance and property taxes.

If you cannot afford to purchase a home, have less job security than you'd like, are saving towards purchasing a new home, or simply prefer the convenience that comes with renting, this section will direct you to all of the information you will need about renting a residential unit.

Rental Housing

The Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation provides information on how to become a tenant, as well as the policies and procedures in changes to the housing policy. Information on the use of air conditioners, payments options, and related fees are also available.

The Landlord and Tenant Board provides useful information for tenants such as what to do if your landlord has charged you an illegal rent, has illegally entered your apartment/unit, changed the locks without providing replacement keys, or has not properly maintained or repaired the residential complex.

The Residential Tenancies Act provides information on rent increase guidelines, available options for housing maintenance, rent discounts, and the rights a landlord has due to excessive or willful damage to a unit.

For further information about housing, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Follow the links on the right side of your screen to find out more about renting.

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