The City of Greater Sudbury has many facilities, fitness programs, arts and crafts, and sport programs, computer learning opportunities, sports associations and local sporting news.

Rainbow Routes is a not-for-profit organization that develops the Trans-Canada Trail across the City. The trail is designed for non-motorized vehicles and encourages families to spend time together by enjoying summer activities such as a leisurely hike or scenic bike ride, and winter activities including snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

Freshwater Lakes - with over 330 freshwater lakes in the city limits, people can enjoy boating, fishing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. Greater Sudbury is the perfect place for any outdoor enthusiast.

Bell Park and Boardwalk - Located along Ramsey Lake, Bell Park is one of the main supervised swimming areas in the City. The Boardwalk runs from Bell Park to Science North with breathtaking views of Ramsey Lake and local wildlife.

Science North/Dynamic Earth - Science North opened in 1984 and is a science centre which features hands on exhibits and demonstrations including rock polishing, a butterfly gallery, and animal demonstrations. The City of Greater Sudbury's newest attraction is Dynamic Earth, which features a new exhibit on Diamonds, a show that recounts the events that have occured throughout the City's history and allows you to go on an underground tour.

Shopping The New Sudbury Shopping Centre is the main mall in Sudbury which features 110 stores and attracts more than 7.1 million shoppers on an annual basis. The mall has ample parking and many hotels are located a short drive away.

The Leisure Guide provides information for community contacts, youth camps, programs and services, and recreational activities.

Northern Ontario is the perfect place to enjoy The Great Outdoors. Check out some area campgrounds where you can get away from the city without having to travel too far.

Hockey/Events - Sudbury is home to the Ontario Hockey League's Sudbury wolves. For schedule information, ticket availability, and current roster, please visit the Sudbury Wolves. The Sudbury Wolves play at the Sudbury arena, which also hosts an array of festivals and concerts. Elton John, Nickelback, Great Big Sea, Ludacris, and Blue Man Group are some of the artists who have performed at the Sudbury Arena. For ticket information, please visit the Sudbury Arena Box Office.

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