Employment Laws, Standards & Safety 

In Ontario, both employers and employees must follow certain standards for workplace conditions, procedures, etc. The Employment Standards Act (2000) is the Ontario law that outlines those requirements. Most employees and employers are covered by this piece of legislation, except in federal workplaces and some other types of employment. For more information about Ontario's employment standards, click here. Information is available in 23 languages.

Employment Laws, Standards, and Safety Resources

Ontario's Employment Standards includes information for employees on their rights in the workforce, minimum wage rates, hours of work, and also provides information of the responsibilities of Canadian business employers.

The Employment Equity Act is in place to ensure that every individual working in Canada is given an equal chance when applying for employment opportunities and benefits.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada provides information on labour and workplace information pertaining to recognizing foreign qualifications, hiring foreign workers, and determining where a certain trade or profession is in demand.

The Northern Centre for Advanced Technology focuses on employee safety by providing Canadian businesses with health and safety training. This includes courses for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and information on protective equipment for those employees who are working at heights.

The Sudbury Manitoulin Workforce Partnerships Board promotes economic growth in Greater Sudbury and identifies labour market issues.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board provides information on workplace injuries, modified work, and re-entering the workforce after an injury.

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