Some parents choose to send their children to private schools that are not funded by the government. These schools charge tuition fees. While sending your child to a private school may be your preferred choice, you should be aware that principals and teachers in private schools are not necessarily certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

Private Schools in Greater Sudbury:

Sudbury Christian Academy  (SCA) is Sudbury's only full elementary (JK to Grade 8) private school and is non-denominational.  SCA was established in 1982 to provide a solid Christian education while emphasizing strong academics.  The purpose of SCA is to educate the 'whole' child by providing the highest level of academic instruction, leading through Christian values, and encouraging an environment of love and mutual respect.  Class sizes are limited to 15 students.  Private tours are available to prospective parents and children.
The Montessori School of Sudbury is a diverse and engaging educational partnership of parents, teachers and children. It strives to nurture a child's love of learning and sense of personal and social responsibility.


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