Local school boards operate Ontario's publicly-funded schools. These boards are responsible for distributing the funding they receive from the province between the schools in their areas. In Greater Sudbury there are 4 school boards that operate the many elementary and secondary schools in the area.


Public School Boards


The RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD provides quality programs and character education enabling students to maximize their potential and fulfill their aspirations. Programs focus on academic excellence for all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 in English and French Immersion.


The CONSEIL SCOLAIRE PUBLIC DU GRAND NORD DE L'ONTARIO, in collaboration with its communities, offers French language public education of the highest quality in order that each student develops the ability to fully realize their potential and assume their place as global citizens.



Catholic School Boards


Proud of its Francophone and Catholic identity, the CONSEIL SCOLAIRE CATHOLIQUE DU NOUVEL-ONTARIO engages families, parishes and the community in delivering equitable educational services to all, from early childhood to adulthood, enabling all students to achieve their highest potential.


The SUDBURY CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD has carried on the proud traditioni of quality faith-based education for Sudbury youth since 1969, with further roots back to the earliest days of schooling in our City over 100 years ago.